Hospitalists are physicians who are responsible for the general care of inpatients. Since these patients are admitted in the hospital facility, taking care of them is our duty and thus, we train our hospitalists with the best facilities and equipment.


With the recent success of telemedicine, specialized physicians are handled the care of full-time patients. Being a Tele-Hospitalist, we at Optimum Care provide remote services to our patients who are in need of our services. The range of these services include:

  • Initial encounters
  • Follow-up encounters
  • Post-acute care visits
  • Home visits
  • Consultations
  • Emergency care

Keeping our patients as a top priority, we ensure a comfortable and safe stay for our inpatients. Since these patients have to stay for a long time, our staff tries to make them feel more like at home, and less like being at a hospital.

Providing top-quality services has ensured satisfactory customer score levels, which have enabled us to know where we stand in the eye of our customers. However, since there is always room for improvement, we keep investing in R&D and keep upgrading to the latest technology for effective and efficient outcomes.

Rural Hospitalist with Tele-Specialists

With recent advancements in information technology (IT), connecting with patients in rural areas has become much easier. With services such as remote monitoring, live-interactive videoconferencing, and provider education, patients do not need to travel very far away to avail the services that we provide at our facilities.

The shortage of specialists in rural areas is a major problem. Thus, Optimum Care provides telehealth services to make it accessible for our customers in rural areas to avail our services as well.

For these rural services, we have a separate team of highly specialized tele-specialists who have been trained to only communicate and treat the patients through telehealth services in rural areas.

These services have been much appreciated by our rural patients as the rural communities can access the care they need. With high-quality services and highly experienced staff, we believe in providing exceptional services to the people who deserve them most.

Muhammad Sanaullah, M.d
Muhammad Sanaullah, M.d
Peter R. Morgan, M.d.
Peter R. Morgan, M.d.
Ankur Mody, M.d.
Ankur Mody, M.d.