A very essential and growing healthcare service, post-acute services have become a necessity for long term acute care hospital and hospitalists. These services mainly include long-term stays, inpatient rehabilitation services, and skilled nursing expertise.

We, at Optimum Care, provide highly specialized post-acute services as our long term acute care facility know that patients will need care even after they have completed their treatment period. For that, we strive every day to provide the best services possible in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of our patients that are given the highest level of priority.

When patients are discharged from inpatient care, they are often sent to a post-acute care setting where they receive the required transitional attention. This may include changing the dressing, physical therapy, oxygen administration, and medication management.

We strongly believe in connected healthcare to improve the continuity of care from acute to post-acute care. Our hospitalist team follows the patient after the discharge from the hospital to post-acute care areas, and it is also very less likely that patients discharged to a post-acute care setting will need to be readmitted to a hospital.

Our post-acute coverage areas are:

  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Nursing homes and assisted living care facilities
  • Long term acute care Facilities
  • Swing beds
  • Remove care and chronic care monitoring services

Our Model of care at post-Acute care includes:

  • Acute care trained hospitalist
  • Advance practice providers
  • Tele – Hospitalist services
  • Tele – Specialist Services
  • Case management and Nurse Liaison

The post-acute team is led by a Medical Director (MD) who has the knowledge of compliance, regulations, quality, and the safety benchmarks of post-acute care. Thus, it makes a huge difference in caring for the patients in these facilities. The entire team makes the stay of the patient feel at most like home and ensures a comfortable and clean environment. Once our teams discharge the patient from an acute care hospital stay, one of our hospitalists follows up with the patient in the facility. Our onsite nurses continuously monitor the patient 24 hours a day, take care of the patient’s medication and reconciliation. The nurse practitioner is also responsible for keeping track of and collecting the data regarding the stay of the patient at the facility as well as monitoring the patient on a daily basis.

We have a Tele-Specialty service line that enables our staff members to connect with their patients and vice versa in order to help the patients with any problems they face after they have been discharged. This not only improves the patient care provided by Optimum Care but also increased the patient’s satisfaction level. Our model of connected care delivery helps us decrease the stay of patients at the facility as no one likes to stay for prolonged periods at a hospital.

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