After an individual gets discharged after a surgery or illness which required inpatient services, the patient might not be ready to go home as he still needs care. To help achieve this, a transitional care center helps to keep the patient under close supervision until he is perfectly fit to go home. The transitional care unit is like a short-term rehabilitation facility which is designed in a manner that helps patients get back on their feet after a severe illness or surgery.

In the transitional care unit, a patient receives physical, speech, and occupational therapy where specialized nurses help you with everyday activities such as wound care and medication management.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on the ability of a patient to move. Sometimes after surgery, the patient might be able to move his legs or arms fully. So, our staff works with the patient day and night, making it possible for the patient to get moving again. With the help of exercises and weights, muscle and joints movement strengthens.

Occupational Therapy

After surgery or a severe illness, a patient might lose a proper routine. Thus, the professionals at Optimum Care help the patient get back into the normal routine while modifying the daily activities carried out over a specified period of time until the patient gets back on track.

Speech Therapy

A brain injury or perhaps a stroke can lead to loss of speech or slurred speech, which can be regained by communication skills and speech therapy to find new and better ways to communicate.

Staff is crucial and constitutes an essential part of transitional care as the entire service depends on how well they can help the patient feel at home and how quickly the patient can recover from the illness. Through effective training sessions and constant impromptu exercises, we strive to make our nursing professional experts at what they do as, without their efforts, the services can’t be provided. Our effective communication model helps in making the patient feel comfortable and, through prior education on the services being provided to the patients, the patients feel safe while undergoing their treatment.

Muhammad Sanaullah, M.d
Muhammad sanaullah, m. D
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Peter r. Morgan, m. D.
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