Telemedicine Services Healthcare delivery is a very complex procedure; it is costly and full of gaps in terms of care procedures. Innovation and technology are the answers to bridge the gaps in care services, which enable improved access, health outcomes, and prevent wastage of resources in healthcare.

Telemedicine helps the facility physicians in a number of ways listed below:

  • After-hour coverage,
  • Improving specialty coverage to these facilities,
  • Reducing the length of the stay for patients at the facility,
  • Preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions and,
  • Improving access to physicians in underserved areas.

Some of our highly specialized and dedicated staff members have been working on providing the following services under the TeleHealth category:

  • Telemedicine for Acute Care Hospitals
  • Telemedicine for the Rural Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals
  • Tele-Specialty Services
  • Telemedicine for the Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes, LTACs, and Assisted Livings.
  • Tele Psychiatry Services

Telemedicine for the Skilled Nursing Facilities

We connect our hospitalists and advanced practice providers during after-hours and weekends to fulfill the promise of 24/7 care in skilled and long-term care facilities. With close monitoring of these patients with the same team of hospitalists and APC, we ensure better care and greater ability to address the issues very clearly to avoid unnecessary transfers to the acute care facilities.

If, for some reason, the team needs to send patients to the emergency room, through effective communication channels, we can prevent unnecessary readmissions into the hospitals.

Telemedicine for Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospitals usually have a very complex patient population. Our telemedicine platform provides coverage for the specialists that sometimes are difficult to find and also provides hospitalist coverage during after-hours and on the weekends. Telemedicine is also an excellent way to cover the gaps in the care in LTAC, especially for wound care, dietician, physical therapy, speech therapy, critical care, and other specialties.

Telemedicine for the Rural and Critical Access Hospitals

Usually, rural and critical access hospitals have a shortage of physicians and specialists; therefore, telemedicine provides a perfect solution for the hospitalists and multi-specialty coverage areas. Our innovative model provides different options of coverage to the rural hospitals, whereby we can provide onsite hospitalist coverage and advanced practice providers onsite with the tele-hospitalist as supervising physicians. With this innovative model, we are able to help the rural hospitals run smoothly in their budget constraint environment without compromising the quality of care.

Tele-Specialty Services

Our pool of specialists provides services in different locations and areas of need. Currently, we have the following specialty services available:

  • Tele-Hospitalist
  • Tele-Infectious Disease Treatment
  • Tele-Cardiology Services
  • Tele-Pulmonary & Critical care Services
  • Tele-Nephrology Services
  • Tele-Orthopedic Services
  • Tele-Wound Care Services
  • Tele-Endocrinology Services
  • Tele-Psychiatry Services
  • Tele-Neurology Services

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